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I’m auditioning for a play tonight and I haven’t been this nervous for anything in a long time. And it actually feels really good. I’m fucking terrified but the worse it gets, the prouder I become that I’m doing something which is really out of my comfort zone right now.

I haven’t ever really auditioned for a show outside of school. I havent acted period in whoa, like 4 years? I couldn’t even make a resume for the audition because I barely even remember the names of shows and characters that I’ve played. 

I’m so so nervous. I don’t feel properly prepared at all. The only other time I’ve ever picked out and worked on a piece for an audition was when I was auditioning for colleges, and wow that was a terrible piece that I basically only bombed with. But it feels good to at least be getting started and trying to do this again. 

  1. stilltheking said: BREAK A LEG!!! You’ll nail it. :)
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