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I think my main issue is that I’m just way too competitive. And at the same time I realize that trying to “win” at hobbies or interests or what the fuck ever, is completely petty and unrealistic and so I only frustrate myself further because I know someone else will always be better/prettier/know more. I stop myself from doing so many things because I know I’ll never be the best. I think I’m incredibly scared to fail.

I’ve been doing a lot of self discovery~ and figuring out things about myself. I’m starting to understand a lot of my insecurities and anxieties. But sometimes that’s just worse. Finding the hole you’re in means that you have to start to dig yourself out. 

  1. soonwellbeffound said: "Never measure your worth based upon another’s success instead create your own measure of success."
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  3. abinational said: I started this a year ago, maybe longer. It’s hard but as soon as you start to accept your flaws, life becomes a lot easier.
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