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I’m also an insanely jealous person. I have literally felt sick to my stomach, hot and dizy with jealousy. It’s sick. And I don’t have a bad life either. I’m really happy with a lot of who I am and know that I’m blessed in so, so many ways. But sometimes it just slaps me in the face. People are really perfect in one way or another and I’m just as at a loss for how people have the time and energy to be so perfect. I’m dumbfounded by how people have the commitment to existing in such a creative or well put together way.

I’d really love to start a blog. Like a blog blog with real content. I’d love to be able to post about crafting and post my outfit of the week and and cute vintage finds over the weekend. I’d love to be more creative. I just don’t know where people find the energy. I don’t know where people find the focus. And I think that’s why I get so jealous sometimes. I don’t know how to find those things in myself. I don’t know how to be driven and passionate. How do I take all this jealous, nervous energy and focus it?

  1. bettybourgeoisie answered: Story of my life girl… Let’s try to make 2013 better! We can do it!
  2. stilltheking said: I struggle with it too ma!
  3. amhv answered: It’s not necessary to show off your outfits and crafts - you should do them for yourself. Think about why you feel that need.
  4. dearaimee answered: I would love to see your weekly outfits! & teach me how to craft, please.
  5. hardlygolden answered: Maybe you’re just busy BEING creative and don’t have time to blog it.
  6. brasscrabs said: Sometimes I save a picture of a craft or something someone wrote and spend a few days focusing on making my own version of that thing. And then I try to make it better. One little skill at a time.
  7. rintintinxo answered: Always remember the people who seem to live the “ideal” experience the same thing you are feeling. Hang in there girl.
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