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Help contribute to You Are Remarkable...


hello friends,

as many of you know i run a website called YOU ARE REMARKABLE. i’ve put out two editions of the YAR book & have sold more copies than i would have ever imagined. YAR reaches readers from all over the world. i have shipped books to every continent except antarcticas. our readers log on every day, looking for a little something to make them smile, or think, or to give them a little extra confidence to go about their days.

it’s such a simple site. we post quotes, lists, pictures, short words, etc having to do with positivity, trying, love, getting over love, empowerment shit. it seems kind of lame when i write it like that & it’s not. i promise. it’s so much more.

here’s where you come in:
i run YAR by myself & it’s tough to keep the site up to date. i’ve gone weeks, month(s), without posting & i feel awful about that. sometime’s i’m too busy, or in too big of a low-period myself.

*i am looking for some help. some contributors. one time only or frequent. i want to make the site what i know it can be. a site that’s updated regularly & a site that keeps on inspiring. you all have such wonderful writing, drawings, photography, musical, spiritual talents & i want you now!

**i would (ideally) like to put together a yar team. some people to write/make lists. some people to help do interviews/find people to interview. i would like to do something musical with the site: mixes, or special songs, or something. some people to create some artistic representations. maybe some people to help promote the site, etc. a team of passionate people to use the site to help other people. 

i’m really awful at explaining myself but i hope you understand a bit. i am asking you to join the team & help YAR be what it should be, & give the readers the lightness they need.

please consider this! it’s a no pressure thing. if you write once, great! if you want to write weekly, excellent! if you read this & think of someone who may be interested let them know! respond here or email me yar@tellmesomething.org
if you’re interested or have more questions. 

please join the Feel Good Revolution.

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