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A list of some of my roommate’s requests in our time living together:

  • squeezing out the sponge when i’m done using it, so it doesn’t get mold
  • always leaving the shower curtain pulled across, so it doesn’t get mold
  • use door knobs when I open and close doors (I guess I’m walking through them otherwise)
  • close the pantry door because it’s next to the stove and her chocolate chips are melting
  • don’t put glasses in the sink because they’ll break
  • don’t put anything near the cake test because it will warp
  • don’t put anything on the grease guard, because it will warp

Now, I realize these are all great ideas, but a. can’t we just buy new sponges and a new shower curtain? b. it’s just always something . And I don’t disagree with any of these things, but they’re all such nit picky things. All in all, I’m a pretty good roommate. I clean up after myself in a timely manner, I deal with all the bills and they are paid on time, and while I’m not the neatest person, I keep my mess in my own room. She has been unpacking and has stuff all over the house since we moved in a year and a half ago, but it just doesn’t really bother me because, whatever. I guess I’m just not bothered by stuff like that.

Maybe I’m over reacting, but it’s just infuriating to be nit picked all the time, as if she is looking for things about me that bother her. Maybe I’m just being defensive but it’s exhausting to constantly have someone looking over my shoulder, telling me that “we (meaning me) really need to try to do xyz this way). 

  1. analogplanets said: girl really doesn’t like mold. (i’m mean, who does, but damn)
  2. itendtowander said: Yikes! No fun, Hun!
  3. dannybrito said: ugh i could not handle living with someone like that, those are really like little things to get annoyed about.
  4. storyofasinkingship said: i thought you werent living with sean anymore?
  5. sade said: god when i read this i seriously thought you were talking about your mom and then i went to “like” it and read “roommate” and HELL NO. she needs to chill and take a seat.
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