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8 of 365

I had to go to a seminar on anesthesia today at the Tufts campus in Grafton. I brought my camera, knowing it would be gorgeous and was over the moon to find out there was livestock there, specificall, horses.

I was one of those horse crazy little girls. I wanted to be a horse when I grew up. I would set up recycling bins in my back yard and run around on all fours and jump over them pretending I was a horse. One of the few things I remember actually working really hard and saving up for was a Breyer Palimino that I named Lightning after one of my favorite movies, Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken. I genuinely love the smell of manure.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been around a horse and I was just so stupid happy. I have been dying to work a barn forever but there just aren’t any that are easily accessible to someone who doesn’t have a car. 

I’m so ready to get out of the city and live in a barn. I’m ready to move out to country and breathe fresh air and nuzzle horses and squish alpacas. I could of stayed outside all day taking photos of these gorgeous babies.

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