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This is Pig Pen and Lucy. They aren’t related but came into the shelter together and have been waiting to be adopted for a while now. Pig Pen has something going on where he vomits every day, but otherwise they are both really amazing kitties and have to go to the same home. They are both purring machines and Pig Pen loves to climb up you and snug into your hood.I would have scooped them up immediately if it wasn’t for my allergic roommate. Sigh.

  1. iamdirtfarmer said: thank god for the allegic roommate. and also allergic boyfriend/future roommate forever
  2. oaksandroses said: I think Pig Pen has an eating disorder called bulimia. It’s okay though, because lots of people do and they can get help to get better.
  3. thecemeteryparty said: my sweet baboos :(
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