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Are any of you ladies using Nexplanon/Implanon?

Because Jesus Christ they said I might experience spotting but I’ve basically had my period NON FUCKING STOP since getting it put in a few months ago. I’ve also started to get super intense crater zits (I have a ¬†pock mark. I’m freaking out. I DONT NEED MORE REASONS TO PICK AT MY SKIN). I’ve been waiting to call my doctor, hoping my body would regulate a little, but it still hasn’t.¬†

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

  1. waitonemoment answered: Right now mine’s been like 12 days ;-; Also try mixing baking soda and water into a paste and leave it on your face. that helped me o-o
  2. holdingontolosthope answered: My periods disappear and then all of a sudden i can be on for six weeks straight and then they’ll just go again. I’ve also gained weight :(
  3. interrobangin said: I’ve been on Implanon for almost 2 yrs now. I was pretty normal getting started though. Just spotting and now I don’t have periods at all. A lot of period is a possible side effect though right? You should probably call your doctor.
  4. catsnatch said: I’m not much help. But a friend of mine had the shot and bled for almost two months. My doctor however is completely against the shots and implants for those reasons.
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